Monday, March 9, 2020

A Day at the Domes | A Taste of Spring

It finally feels like spring could actually be here! We have been so blessed here in Wisconsin with some pretty great weather. (I mean anything above 20 degrees here is great in my book, so this 50 and 60 degree weather has been so exciting!)

We made a decision at the beginning of the year to really be intentional with our time and really make the most of our days. We have been planning and throwing stuff on our schedule and into our Spring and Summer Bucket Lists like crazy... 
One of those things was filling our Sundays (when both get the chance to be off work together) with more outings and family time. Truly making the most of our year and having more experiences together.

On Sunday we decided to go to the Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee, WI. The Domes are something you hear people talking about periodically. More when it comes to kids talking about them going for a field trip, or the parents talking about their kids going for a field trip. It truly is that classic thing every elementary or middle schooler in the area has done. I on the other hand never had the chance to go. So when looking for some fun and cheap things to do, it was a no brainer!

We woke up and got everyone ready to go and got out the door! (Peyton and I even wore matching outfits!) It was a real quick drive, about 35 minutes.

I love that this is something that truly isn't going to break the bank even for a large family, but it will definitely keep you busy for a large portion of your day! It was only $8 for adults, $6 for their Junior admission which is for ages 6-17 years old, and kids 5 and under are free. $16 for all of us!

There's 3 domes you can tour through when you're there. The Show Dome, The Dessert Dome, and the Tropical Dome.
We headed into the Tropical Dome first. It was awesome how even on your way to the different domes they had all sorts of terrariums and small exhibits featuring carnivorous plants and other specialty greenery.

I was so surprised how truly tropical the dome felt when you walked in, it just hits you and you feel like you've been transported far far away!

It was the most adorable thing seeing Peyton's reactions to all the green around her and the temperature. She was in such awe of everything around her. That was definitely my favorite part of it all.

They have so many tropical fruit trees like guava or star fruit. They even showed you the source of cocoa and chocolate! It was so amazing to be able to see where so many of the common spices and sweets (don't forget coffee) originate from. I along with many other probably wouldn't get the opportunity to see them in real life and I loved seeing that some of these plants were still here from their original planting in 1966!


They even had something called a Sausage Fruit Tree that truly produced these ginormous sausage looking fruits!

We then took our time heading into the Desert Dome. What a climate change going from an intense rain forest climate to the dry desert!

The Desert so many deserts from all over the world from Africa, to the American Southwest, to Madagascar, to South America and Mexico. I loved how it displayed progressing from an Old World feel the a New World habitat. They featured a lot of endangered plants and some of the flowers coming from those desert plants were so beautiful.

This dome was definitely a lot more open than The Tropical Dome so we decided to let Peyton out and explore a little and boy was she stimulated!
There was so much going on around her she was just taking it all in, it was the most adorable thing seeing her walk on the little paths!
We even met the most adorable bearded dragon named Steve!

The last and final dome we headed into was The Show Dome. When you walk into the show you definitely realize why its called that. One continuous path surrounds the whole dome with the most amazing train set-up in the center of it all. It features so many of the beautiful spring flowers you see every day and it absolutely smells wonderful. They transform this dome five times each year with all different seasonal displays, which definitely gives you a reason to come back!

 We walked the path around the outskirts of the dome which looped around stopping at the white gazebo that looked right to the center of the train display. Peyton was trying her hardest to focus on the trains passing in front of her quickly looking right and left. We let her walk around a little bit, but she just kept stopping to sit and watch those trains, getting so excited and pointing every time they passed by.

Brian and I definitely said that one of our favorite parts was actually when we finally walked out of the domes and back to the lobby. Its a large open gathering space with a few tables and chairs. We let Peyton run around and it was the BEST! She just finally figured out her little waddled running and it's the cutest thing. She was chasing us and laughing so hard. Definitely one of the best memories and that right there made our experience!

If you live in the Milwaukee area I totally suggest checking out The Domes as a family or even if you want the chance to get some amazing pictures and learn some amazing new thing about our beautiful planet! If you're not in the Milwaukee area I say do some research to find something similar, there are plenty of times you can find something in your city that's cheap, educational, and fun for the whole family at any age!

We had such a great Sunday, finishing up with some delicious lunch and MOD Pizza, some grocery shopping, and more time spent just the three of us. It was great getting out of the house and being able to check something off of the Spring Bucket List. It definitely gets us excited for our next family adventure, big or small!

Until Our Next Adventure,
Victoria A.

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  1. Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.