Thursday, April 30, 2020

Peyton's Birth Story | Part One | C-Section Awareness Month

I feel like this is something very long overdue... I started writing this story just after having our little girl as she was cuddled on my chest so petite and brand new. I now finish writing this story as she sits in our living room with hair just long enough to fit into two small little pigtails, playing with her big legos and toys, her baby features just about stretched and grown out of. (I'm holding onto the few little chunks and rolls left.) It's bee almost a yer and a half since we had our little peanut and it's so crazy to think back to our time in the hospital. We talk about how it seems like forever ago, and yet it all happened so fast in our minds. 

I don’t write this because it all went perfect, or necessarily went as planned… but in the end we wound up with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. I am blessed to have the experience I did and that I get to share this, because every birth experience is different and beautiful. I know that no matter how a little one joins your family, it is beautiful and special to each family. I want to document that here and share with others who may have experienced something similar or completely different. No matter what happens, the experience of bringing a new life to this world or into your family is something that is beautiful, and will change your life forever no matter the path you take to get there… enough of me rambling, here's the story of how our little girl joined our family.

December 30, 2018 came and passed… I was officially overdue. That last week was one of the longest of my life. Leading up to my due date and after, I tried and tried to do what I could to get that baby out. I'm very thankful I finished work when I did and started my maternity leave that week before. At that point my body was done and would not have handled working on top of it all. I had my final appointment with my OB on that Thursday the 27th and was hoping to hear some good news.

We headed to our last scheduled appointment with our OB on Thursday the 27th, hoping that things were progressing, but sure enough, no luck. I had been stuck at 1.5 cm for the past 3 weeks, and showed no signs of things moving along from there. Baby wasn’t dropping down like she was supposed to be and at that point our OB had discussed what things could be leading to… a C-section. (I just want to say that we trust our OB so much and she and the staff we have worked with. We believe they truly want what’s best. I know many people that either look poorly at C-sections or believe they're done as a means to “get it done quick”. Well I can say from experience that if it wasn’t for C-section who knows which one of us could not be here today.) Our goal was to just keep waiting, we left the office and scheduled 2 non-stress tests for the next week and our next appointment with our OB. I was at that point just hoping something would happen before then, but of course in came rolling December 30, 2018… I was officially overdue.

Monday morning we had our first scheduled non-stress test and went in by myself, at this point I was just fiddling my fingers waiting for her arrival. I went in, got hooked up and sat, watching the needle go back and forth tracking her heart rate and listening to her as she kicked the monitor on my belly. Everything looked good, they got a good reading from her so I was sent on my way to keep waiting, simple as that.

Thursday, we had our next non-stress test and our next check with our OB to see how things were going. We went in bright and early, and lucky for us, Brian got to come along before he headed to work. I sat down, got hooked up and waited… and waited… and that’s when they said they weren’t really "getting what they were looking for." They were trying to get her to react to vibrations, pushing her around, etc. just to see her heart rate react enough, she was just too mellow. Which they said could have been because it was early in the morning. But because they couldn’t get enough recorded on paper during the allotted time it was put under a failed non-stress test. We continued onto our check with our OB to see how things were going since last week, and no progression. Nothing. Still not dilating, or continuing to efface, and baby was actually pushing back up...what a stinker. Turns out, which was discussed at the last appointment, that she wasn’t dropping down due to the shape of my pelvis/pelvic bone. (To put it simply, think...I'm the shape of a square and her head is circle…not the easiest thing to work around.) That right there would be why we were told to keep an open mind to the possibility of a c-section. My doctor was optimistic tho and said you never know what the body will do once in labor, she’s seen it work out before… At that point she said she was scheduling us to go to labor and delivery at 7pm that night… oh boy!

Well, because of our “failed” non-stress we were sent to imaging because they still needed the information to show that baby was doing alright. We went in for the ultrasound and they said her heart rate was great, it showed her taking breaths, but then we had to physically see her move for her to not fail this test as well. She got a half an hour to make some sort of turn or movement to show her activity...and that just didn’t happen (which in her defense they were poking and prodding her like crazy to try and get a paper reading not even an hour before, talk about being exhausted and annoyed in the womb). But because of there being such minimal movement and them measuring such a small amount of fluid on top of that, they decided to move our induction to 4pm. 

At that point we left our appointment just after 11am which gave us a couple hours to get some things in order. Brian called work saying we were going in to have a baby and I went home to make sure we had everything we needed. 

Brian and I had one last lunch date just the two of us, and from there we headed to the hospital to have a baby!

We checked into the hospital and were brought to our room to get things going. 
I had to be given Cytotec when arriving in order to thin my cervix and try and progress me further before starting Pitocin. 

We then spent the rest of the night just sitting and waiting, watched some tv while I hung out in the bed all hooked up. Besides light cramping it was an extremely uneventful night.

The next morning at 7am I thinned enough for them to break my water and get things rolling. The  Pitocin started and boy was that lovely…(hopefully you can hear the sarcasm in that). They had a hard time reading my contractions and the monitors weren’t responding or showing accurate results. Which is the worst because you sit having an intense contraction and it looks like it barely jumped on the graphs… so the internal monitor was the way to go!

Hours passed and things got more intense so we had the anesthesiologist come in for the epidural. And let me just say that Brian and I were absolutely in love with him...truly. (He made our experience through everything amazing and we can’t thank him enough.) The epidural went well and wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. 

A couple more hours went by and there wasn’t much progress. Contractions were still inconsistent and all over the place. They were trying to get a hold on that, and watch baby girl because her heart rate was fluctuating at times, and it wasn't consistently responding how they wanted it to.

More time passed, I thought I had to be somewhat close....

They kept coming and moving me in all different positions.
On my left, on my right, sitting up, on my knees, and repeat. Over and over…
I will say I was impressed, as well as the nurses, with how well I could move even with the epidural.

Well, around 6pm they came in for another check and this time my O.B. was with. 
I hadn’t progressed at all for a while and our baby girl was no longer engaged or even trying to drop down. With how long things had been going there wasn’t much hope for anything to happen naturally here on out. We all talked and came to the conclusion on a C-Section. We could have kept going for a few more hours but with how things had been progressing so far, there could have been a lot more complications at that point. 
(Turns out my pelvic bone is curved, which wouldn't allow her to engage or pass through.)

 “Alright let’s get you ready and we’ll be in there in 15 minutes!” 
Just like that, all that work and time, and in 15 minutes we’ll be going in to have our girl!

In what seemed like a second later, the anesthesiologist came in and bumped up the epidural, a second later a nurse came in and started going over everything while another went to the computer, then another nurse quick handed me an anti-nausea drink, another threw a cap on me. Brian was getting dressed in the corner, and then 3 nurses came in with Brian’s family right behind them.
(They had been planning on stopping in and all wound up arriving right
when they were about to wheel me off).
So much was going on so quick. I couldn't even imagine what it would have been like in an emergency situation.
It was all happening so fast and I was still trying to process and just keep track of it all.
The nurses unplugged what they needed, unlocked the bed and away we rolled down the long hallway and into the bright white sterile room.

Keep your eyes out for Part TWO!


  1. Even though, sometimes thing doesn't go as planned, it's a beautiful birth story. I am so glad you and baby are doing well. Truly a blessing!

    Maureen |

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  2. I had a csection with my first. Can’t wait for part two!

  3. I had a c section with my first as well, and it was kinda unpredictable and like you, it didn’t stop the amazing joy of my baby arriving. Can’t wait to read part 2!

  4. Oh how I love birth stories! I too had to take a stress test. I had to go in twice a week for my last two months of pregnancy. They were nerve wrecking!

  5. I can’t wait for part 2! Thanks for sharing, momma!

  6. It’s crazy how things can change in a split second!

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